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Welcome to Artisan Renovations, a company founded on the pursuit of quality. 


Based in the heart of London UK, here at ArtRen our goal is to give life to your vision with impeccable execution. We provide a range of services from floor replacements and simple repainting jobs to full scale renovations.


Detailed discussions take place with our experts in order to ascertain exactly what our customers want and how they want it, our job is to bring those ideas to fruition. We have an experienced team of artisans in their field working meticulously around the clock on all our projects, we are able to provide for even the most complicated and complex requests. Between our craftsmen and suppliers we are able to deliver Artisan Renovations. 


Once we are happy with our clients needs we provide an itemised quotation along with a detailed schedule and plan which we stick to rigidly, we believe that the highest quality demands and finishes can be achieved with efficiency. We support our customers from start to finish with regular updates and consistent communication between the whole team. At ArtRen we guarantee that the experience we provide will be unrivalled, combing quality, etiquette, charm and a personalised finish to your wishes. 

Our Story

The driving force behind ArtRen was an insatiable appetite from father and son to deliver magic through our work and share that with our clients. We value our trade and understand what differentiates a good experience from an unforgettable experience, attention to detail. 


We value detail greatly and it is our goal to deliver that seal of quality to every single project that we undertake, in fact, it’s our pleasure. 


We hope that our clients share the same passion for quality as we do, as we look forward to building ArtRen together.

Salem Abouelela


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